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  • Apogee Symphony MkII SYM2

    Symphony I/O MKII Thunderbolt Chassis -No module includedBSW PART: SYM2 Symphony I/O Mk II is a multi-channel audio interface featuring Apogee’s flagship AD/DA conversion, modular I/O (up to 32 inputs and outputs), intuitive touchscreen display and optional world

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  • Music Theory Cheat Sheet: Circle of Fifths

    Here’s a convenient chart that shows the Circle of Fifths and Major/Relative Minor* key signatures. This is a great tool if you don’t already have this music theory memorized, and it forms a foundation that highlights the relationships between notes, key signatures, and basic ha

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    USB Midi Interface for MAC/WindowsBSW PART: MICROLITE Are you feeling a bit bloated in this super-sized world? Here's a little something to help you slim down – the MOTU Micro Lite, a professional MIDI interface that provides portable plug-and-play connectiv

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  • 8 Stocking Stuffers Any Musician Will Love

    The holiday season is upon us, and it’s time to think about that special musician in your life. What can you get him or her that would make them smile bigger than Santa reaching for the cookies and milk? Here are some stocking stuffer ideas that won’t freeze your bank account.

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  • MOTU 828MK3

    Firewire Audio InterfaceBSW PART: 828MK3 The MOTU 828mk3 advanced FireWire audio interface provides ten channels of pristine 192 kHz analog recording and playback, combined with sixteen channels of ADAT digital I/O and stereo S/PDIF. Expand your system by connect

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  • 11 Guitar Gifts Chosen by Sweetwater Staff

    Guitarists can be a finicky bunch, so buying them a gift can be quite daunting. But before you pick out an “I’d Rather Be Playing Guitar” T-shirt or an Eddie Van Halen bobblehead, check out these handpicked suggestions from various guitar-playing members of Sweetwater’s staff.

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  • Apogee-kvartetten

    Apogee QuartetApogee QuartetApogee QuartetApogee Quartet Apogee Quartet Figure 1Apogee Quartet is a professional USB audio interface designed to deliver the ultimate desktop recording experience to the iPad and Mac-based studio. Featuring 4 inputs and 8 outputs of Apogee’s

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  • Tascam SERIES-102I

    USB Audio MIDI Interface with Input ExpansionBSW PART: SERIES-102I The new TASCAM SERIES audio interface family provides professional quality. Expandability, both internal and bundled effects processing, internal mixing, external software control, and more for st

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  • Fender Custom Shop Limited-run Masterbuilt Stratocasters with Brazilia...

    Are you searching for a one-of-a-kind Strat? Something that’s guaranteed to attract attention every time you open your guitar case? If so, you owe it to yourself to check out Sweetwater’s newest collection of Masterbuilt Stratocasters. Available exclusively at Sweetwater and han

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  • Universal Audio APOLLO X4

    Apollo x4 Thunderbolt 3 Audio InterfaceBSW PART: APOLLO-X4-TB3 Apollo x4 allows musicians and producers to easily track, overdub, and mix larger projects with elite-class A/D and D/A conversion, four Unison-enabled preamps, and QUAD Core realtime UAD plug-in proc

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